Saturday, 30 December 2017


I sit under my bed and cry
hoping the world is ending and
I am about to die…

I think I cannot avoid you
as you eat me bit by bit
my peers, I am talking about you…

You take me far, far from my goal
first them, then her, and now me
how many will you control?

All you do is look at me and laugh
my motive to live, however,
keeps going down on a graph

I will fight and fight till you disappear
by staying with me
you elevate my inner fear

All I want is you, to go
but you make my life
a merciless talk show

I will not let you win
till my body
has blood and skin

Not a cup of tea,
dear you, my enemy,
however, I shall not let you stop me 

I would proclaim – ‘I am free’
when you, dear ‘Pressure
would be on your knee!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Exceptionally beautiful ideas

Ideas can be exceptionally beautiful depends on the one who is creating them”- Anonymous

What are ideas?
An Idea is a thought or a suggestion on a particular subject.  Any thought that comes to your mind can be beautiful - it depends on the beholder. Most of us have ideas about thing ranging from building a table to making a whole apartment. Imagination decides the reality! However, not everyone has the same opinion. Like I say x is better than y. But someone else may agree to disagree with my thought.

What does beautiful mean?
Something that is attractive has a better appeal is beautiful! For a nature lover, the scenery is breathtaking just as for a writer, poetry is beatific. So ideas can also be beautiful, depending on the perspective of the person creating them. Ishita Katyal, the youngest TEDx speaker, did not wait for her powerful idea to mature later. She broached the idea to parents to ask their children what they would want to be now as opposed to what they want to become when they grow up. She was highly appreciated and applauded when she self-published her book on Amazon.

The simplest of your ideas can also be beautiful. So do not wait to nurture them or voice them.